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And now to the trains.........


My model train experience started about 20 years ago... hmmm It was on hold for about 15 years, now it is back in action again!

It is being constucted in my lounge room where nothing actually lives:


The TV and chair were moved.... Then the frame for the 3ply was constructed and layed on the floor.


The area of the carpet is 3.6m x 3.6m. The 3ply was the screwed to the top and the bracing attached. This took about 270 screws...


Notice the TV is still there, but in a different spot...

The track laying now starts. I've used 1cm think brick expansion foam as a bed for the HO track. I glued this down with pva, then layed the track on top, applying some heat glue every so often to hold it there. If I want to move it, I just cut the glue with a knife and relay it.


Halt! Change of plans, instead of 2 tracks going around in a circle, I'm changing it... Lucky I only laid one track, that is staying, but the other is moving.

The start of the spiral is done, this will allow the train to go up a level so that it can go over a bridge....


More work on the spiral and an extra track laid. The bridge will be a trestle bridge like at Noojee. I also have 4 new wagons to add to the trains..


The spiral and ramps have been constructed with platerboard and the track laid..


The controls are via DC cab control, with 2 controllers. The track is divided into blocks and switched between the 2 controllers via toggle switches. I only have 3 loco's, so DCC isn't really needed.

A hill is born! And a trestle bridge (or the start of one...)


Extra sidings have been installed, as well as one track ripped up... I've also replaced some track (curves and straights) with flex track.


I've ripped up half the track and relaid it.... There is now 2 continuous loops that can be joined by a crossing to make a bigger loop..


The track has been changed again, so it is now one loop around the outside twice, with a 3 track staging yard and a few sidings. But there is now a lot more plaster hills than before...



Last Updated: February 20, 2006